Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mashup - April 1, 2017

Got Links?

Woman 'trapped in loveless marriage' after judges refuse divorce - Don't be fooled by the headline. I think she should be able to leave the marriage but notice that this article almost mentions that she has cheated on her husband. She should be able to leave but she shouldn't be able to get a damn thing out of him.

Judge orders Omaha teen who threw baby out window to serve probation, live in group home - Interesting how a society that is supposedly built around oppressing women treats them so leniently for horrible crimes isn't it?

Texas High School Anatomy Teacher Accused of Improper Relationship with Student - I suppose if I had the privilege of banging one of my high school students and most likely getting off with probation I'd be smiling too.

The male suicides: how social perfectionism kills - A long but good read.

Male victims of domestic violence are being failed by the system - "Men who find themselves as victims of domestic violence are often viewed by and made to feel emasculated and weak. We are told to fight back and ridiculed for “accepting” or “allowing” the abuse. "

Maybe the Economy Isn't the Reason Why So Many American Men Aren't Working - Many experts have blamed a poor job market, but new research indicates that an overlooked cause may be poor health.

Maryland schools would teach kids that boys are presumed guilty of rape under approved bill - Yeah this is gonna go well.

This Plymouth University student is fighting for 'men's rights' - In this day and age where people are tripping over themselves to complain that men need to change and here we see efforts by men themselves to help themselves getting blocked. Its almost like men helping themselves for their own sake is an inherently bad thing.

A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word “mankind" instead of a gender-neutral alternative. - Its like a cancerous infection.

A gender gap that’s a matter of life and death - Canadian men die earlier than women, and it’s not biological. What’s behind this deadly gap, and why doesn’t anyone seem to care?

Wage Gap Myth Exposed — By Feminists - Its an oldie but since the idea of the wage gap won't die I think its still worth reading. Mind you I don't think the gap is 0. But I do think its a lot more nuanced than, "Women make 22 cents less than men for the same work."

Indian police charge 12 year old with rape for getting an 18 year old girl pregnant - This is just terrible. How can an 18 year old woman have sex with a 12 year old boy and the boy get charged with rape? Might have something to do with the fact that women's advocates protested against and defeated an attempt to make rape laws gender neutral. Its almost like they don't want women that do bad things to be held responsible for their actions....

Gender Pundit Argues Feminism Is Only Cure For Misandry; Proves The Opposite - It takes a special kind of disregard for men to say some stuff like this. She is basically using misandry to argue that misandry isn't that bad and of course fall back on "but women have it worse". This is seriously "I'm not racist thinking whites are smarter than blacks, its fact!" territory.

Be mindful of who you engage with. Sticking to your own
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