Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Mashup - January 29, 2017

You may have noticed that I did not get to do a Weekly Mashup post last week. Unfortunately i was out of town on business and was not able to make one so you may notice that things I link here may be more than a week old. 

How author Timothy Tyson found the woman at the center of the Emmett Till case - Im gonna be frank. This one pisses me off big time. That woman's lies played vital role in the murder of an innocent black boy. What pisses me off even more is that everyone seems to want to make this white v black as if gender didn't play a role. 

Harvard dean chickens out of blacklisting male-only club members on eve of risky faculty vote - So maybe, just maybe, cooler heads will prevail and it will be realized that targeting male only organizations isn't such a great idea? I remember reading about this a while back where female students were on board with it....until they found out that female only organizations would also get caught up in this. Apparently punishing members of male only groups is progress but punishing members of female only groups is taking it too far.

How to Talk About Sexism in the Classroom - Its going to be hard to combat sexism in the classroom when you define sexism as only being able to happen to girls/women.

'Possessive' girl cuts off boyfriend's privates in Madhya Pradesh - What bothers me almost as much as the act of violence itself is the fact that because this was an act of female against male violence it won't get much notice or traction. And even pointing that fact out is often taken as somehow harming female victims.

How Vital Are Women? This Town Found Out as They Left to March - Nothing says progress towards gender equality like portraying men as incompetent oafs that can't survive without the women in their lives who are so burdened by having to do everything at home AND having to go out and fight for their rights. But articles like this get written when gender equality is pretty much defined as making sure women don't get the short end of the stick.

A Young Feminist’s Compassionate View of Men - Could it be that we are seeing a dawn of a new feminism where it becomes possible to acknowledge the plights of males without constantly drowning it out when pleas that women have it worse or reframing said plights as being really being something that harms women and men are just suffering some side effects or collateral damage. I really hope so but considering how other feminists have treated Cassie Jaye and her movie I'm not sure. Here is another link about Jaye's film "The Red Pill". Oh and just to be clear no this movie has nothing to do with the so called Red Pill movement.

Female, 17, charged with knife-point rape of 19-year-old man - 1) I hope that guy is doing okay and gets the help and support he needs. 2) I hope this rapist is held responsible for her actions and goes away for her crime. 3) I hope that we start seeing more coverage of crimes like this. Did you notice that it was actually called rape and not "sexual affair" or some other bullshit to avoid calling a female a rapist?

Rich of ReviewTechUSA responds to and questions Ashely Judd's recent remarks about attacking women for sport in video games.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sounds like making excuses to me

Like most people who pay attention to gender related topics you probably recall the Steubenville rape case. To give a brief summary several members of a high school football team in the city of Steubenville, OH raped a girl. Their method was to take advantage of a girl that was unable to consent (I believe she was passed out drunk) and not only did they take turns raping her but they recorded it. 

During the trial, after the guilty verdict, and even after the sentences were handed out there was a fairly large public outcry....for the rapists.

Pleas that they were good people. Claims that they had bright futures ahead of them. All in all people who were trying to downplay the horrible crime they committed and even trying to frame the issue as if they were the victims of some tragic circumstance.

This sort of treatment is frequently (and correctly) pointed out when the criminals are male. But I find it odd that when the criminal is female and the same attempt at downplaying happens it tends to slide under the radar of people who have a problem with it when it happens for male criminals.

This is Elaine B. Goodman. Elaine raped an under age boy, her daughter's boyfriend in fact. When she pled guilty to the crime she faced up to 15 years in prison. Now mind you I think 15 years may be a bit overkill but there is no doubt in my mind that this woman deserved hard time for what she did. She committed one of the worst crimes of all on top of the fact that she committed it against a child. But the judge presiding over the case, Robert B. Young, felt otherwise and sentenced her to two years probation.

According to Young, "This came out of the blue,". While acknowledging that a terrible thing happened and people were affect he seems to have concluded that "...incarceration is not the answer."

It would be easy to fly into a rage and go on about gender flips but calm is needed here.

Sentencing like this is why people are able to see that when it comes to justice for sex crimes its not uniform. There is no "sex crimes are taken seriously no matter who the victim is or who the perp is". 

When a male criminal is given a light sentence for a major crime it becomes a national outrage as it should. Saying that he is a pillar of the community or that he has a bright future ahead of him or that he contributes to society would fall of deaf ears because we all know that past or even the potential of future contributions do not make up for committing a horrible crime. 

So why is it acceptable for women?

Simple. Crimes committed by women, especially those committed against males, are seen as lesser crimes. There is a level of compassion, empathy, and sympathy that is reserved for women that men are simply denied.

Because of this women are given slack in ways that would spark outrage if extended to men.

Cases like this don't help. The judge basically said that yes she did something terrible but she doesn't deserve to be held responsible for it or to be punished for it. What kind of follow through is that?

I know it can be counter productive to just rant and rave about situations like this but frankly using those rants as a way to avoid addressing this is even more counter productive because it perpetuates a female privilege and allows it to continue unchallenged.

For all the talk of treating people of all genders equally you would think that this would be acknowledged by more people.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekly Mashup - Resurrection Style

How goes it folks? This isn't a fully fleshed out post on a single topic but its a return of the Weekly Mashup posts that I used to do in the past. A lot has been happening and I wanted to at least get some thoughts out on recent happenings.

Proud Single Mom January Jones: Father Figure Would Be Toxic For My Son - This is what happens when you turn your child into a political statement. Don't turn your child into a political statement. Frankly it sounds like Jones has had some bad experiences with guys and concluded that all men are bad but doesn't want to come out and say that all men are bad when it comes to parenting and influencing children.

No Boys Allowed: The New Rule of Co-Working Spaces - After seeing clubs like this I have pretty much decided that there is nothing wrong with the mere existence of male only spaces and clubs.

Politico’s misleading article on Betsy DeVos and campus sexual assault - Donating to a organization that supports due process is not the same as donating to an organization that wants to raise the burden of proof on sexual assault victims. Trying to pass off the former as the latter that is an appeal to emotion in order to smear people or ideas you don't like. Kinda like when the recording industry first started fighting against piracy one of their tactics was to lump downloading music in with child porn.

Liberals are drunk on a political poison called intersectionality - The concept of intersectionality is an analytical tool meant to account for the various oppressions and non oppressions that an individual may have due to having several identities. Unfortunately liberals have turned it into a bludgeon and silencing tool to attack people who don't fully agree with them on every topic.

Towards a feminist politics of "male survivorship" - Do you think that this could be a sign that not only feminists are starting to see how not only male victims but males in general are treated by feminism but also a sign that feminism itself will one day actually be as inclusive of men as it frequently brands itself as being but is not in practice? There is hope that one day all will be well.

Liana K on self esteem, outrage, and compassion.

Take the time to mill these links around in your mind and don't be scared to share a few of your own if you have them.

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