Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Promise One: Remainder of my trip to Washington state

Okay I just realized that I owe you folks a few things so let's get into it.

First off I never did tell the rest of my trip to Washington state. Honestly there wasn't a whole lot left to gush about except for three things.

1. I spent WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much money in the San Rio store I found in the local mall. Seriously between my girlfriend and daughter I probably coughed up a little over $200 in that one store alone. Ended up actually mailing 2 small boxes of stuff back to NC because I didn't have enough space to carry it all and STILL ended up having to pay extra baggage fees (because of weight).

2. Went back to that awesome sushi by the conveyor belt place (Blue C Sushi) and ate a king's ransom the night before heading back out. I was so full.

3. I got to meet Gingko from Genderratic! Chilled at a pub, sipped some beer, talked about all sorts of things. Good time to be had. Although for some reason I thought he was black.....

But yeah that's the short version of my trip to Washington state back in February.