Sunday, March 2, 2014

Would you watch a Twin Peaks revival?

So I'm working my way through old pieces of posts that I never fleshed out and I found this one from last January.

The science fiction blog Airlock Alpha had an article up about a rumor of a Twin Peaks revival.

I was a young man back in 1990 when creator David Lynch introduced the world of Twin Peaks and let me tell you that was some crazy stuff. Way over my head at the time. As time passed I would occasionally catch reruns of the show and would understand a few things I didn't see before but even then that is one odd show.

But could it be revived?

Truthfully I just don't think so.

Back in 1990 when Lynch dropped the mystery of Laura Palmer's murder on us he was breaking a lot of new ground. Odd plot twists. Answers that led to more questions. Music that could get down right creepy and characters that you would not want to meet in real life. In all honesty the bar was a lot lower then that it is now.

With shows like Lost, Supernatural, Revenge, and American Horror Story and video games like Heavy Rain and Alan Wake in our recent memories (and I wager some of these shows pulled influence from Twin Peaks) Lynch would have to take supernatural/suspense/mystery/drama to an entirely new level.

A level that I'm just not sure he could achieve again 25 years later.

And really ask yourself how would you feel if Twin Peaks were revived, just to hear someone call it a rip off of Lost?

What do you think?

Would you watch it?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sometimes You Have To Refuse To Pay The Tithing

A while back very long time ago I got involved in a post at Good Men Project that got a bit heated. So heated that the comment section was closed. But that's not what this post is about.

It's about something that happened after it. After (or actually during the heat of that post) I got into an email exchange where things pretty much stayed heated to say the least.

I could feel it.

I could feel that something inside of me that wanted to strike hard.

I could feel that something inside of me that wanted to strike deep.

I could feel that something inside of me that wanted to hurt the person I was exchanging with.

But I held back as best I could. There were a few things I had actually wanted to say to her that served no other purpose than to hurt her. No value in the discussion. No point in furthering understanding. Just a plain desire to know that I said something that would cut her deep.

I didn't because lashing out at her would not have just been useless but would have been downright counterproductive. Such anger would have been an offering. An offering to the Grudge.

As I have said before harsh words meant to hurt feelings are an attempt to feed that inner anger. It's an inner anger that wants to sustain itself by any means necessary. If I had said those mean and pointless things to her the only purpose it would have served would be to keep my own hatred alive (and possibly turn her away).