Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Day For Fathers

I have to admit I never put much thought into Father's Day beyond my own dad. It was always a day to take time to think about how much my dad meant to me. And he means quite a bit.

From him I learned how to be resourceful, how to stay focused, and how to be resilient. Some of the cornerstones of being a man.

But for the last several years it's been slowly dawning on me that not only is this day a time to reflect on my dad but reflecting on my own daughter. 

She is a good kid. Gets a little out of hand at times but nothing out of the ordinary that a teenager would do. She just finished up middle school and will be moving on to high school this coming fall but today she is blasting Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" for some unknown reason.

Here is the card she gave me today. Its good to know that she cares.

But I do worry. Am I going to be able to prepare her for the world at least as well (but hopefully better because what parent doesn't want their kid to be better than themselves) as my dad prepared me.

I'm sure my wife would have some words of reassurance to let me know that I will be the best dad I can be. Here is the card she gave me today.

Even though I've technically been a dad for about 4 years now its really just beginning to hit me that I'm a dad.

That's a lot of pressure and responsibility. But I'm slowly coming around to the belief that I am ready for it.

It will take time and I will make more mistakes along the way but I think I'll be alright.

This is a day for dads and that makes it a day for me.

Take the time to recognize your dad, anyone else's dad, and all the dads around the world that are doing their part to make this world better.