Sunday, October 22, 2017

31 Days of Pumpkin - Pumpkin Spice Granola Bar


Now for something not quite so unhealthy.

Look pumpkin spice isn't going anywhere anytime soon so I suppose everyone is just trying to get in on the action while they can. So here is Nature Valley throwing its hat in the ring.

I'm glad they chose a crunchy bar instead of a soft and chewy bar because there are already a lot of soft cookie like treats in the pumpkin spice world (and I will have one coming up in a few days).

As you chew it up it seems to release more spice but not too much spice. The spice is present but its not overpowering like a cheap candle or something. The bar is not too sweet (which I've run into a few times already in this series)

I bet these would go great crushed up in yogurt.

These are definitely a keeper so go out and get some before the season is over.