Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Charlottesville post

My apologies to anyone hoping I would have posted on this sooner but I just couldn't quite get my mind around what happened at that rally. More importantly, I refuse to be a part of this mentality that values rushing to get content out before the smoke clears on an event just to get more clicks and views (and influence perception of the event) rather than taking the time to sit down and think about what happened.

As you most likely know now, on the weekend of August 11th, a rally named "Unite The Right" was held in Charlottesville, VA.

This rally was held by a wide mix of white nationalists, right wing supporters, and those opposed to the removal of Confederate monuments around the country.

As expected counter protesters arrived and when they clashed it eventually became violent.

By the time the smoke cleared, one woman was killed when hit by a car that was speeding away from counter protesters attacking and damaging his car, a helicopter crashed into law enforcement officers, and everyone was trying to convince the public that their spin on the weekend was really what happened.

To me, I think its all a fucking mess.

Between one side saying it was Nazis trying to start the Fourth (or whatever edition I've lost count) Reich and the other acting like poor victims trying to fight off oppression its hard to get a clear look at things.

And that is what's bothering me. There are a LOT of people hurting in this country on all sides. Race relations are a major issue that must be addressed. We have government backed monuments to people who were willing the tear the country in two over the "right" to own slaves and those that hold onto them as if their reasoning to enslave people is some high idea to hold and look up to. We have people that are willing to destroy public property and even hurt others to show that such ideas should not be tolerated.

Now, save us all the trouble of trying to call me some trumped up strawman of a centrist that is mentioning violence from the Left to justify violence from the Right. The fact that there are people that are racist, say racist things, and do racist things doesn't justify recklessly tossing the label "Nazi" at everyone you don't agree with to make it okay that they get assaulted. Not wanting violence done to people who have racist opinions does not equate to supporting racism. If you think violence is the only way to stop racism then it's probably because you haven't tried anything else; but that's another story for another day.

In regards to the monuments, while we can't go back and time and decommission them with government money, I don't think they should be destroyed. At this point I think they need to be put away in museums. Destroying them will only cause resentment and really wouldn't do any good now. Its not like the Alt Right, Nazis, white nationalists, etc... are just going to fold over and change their ways just because some statues were destroyed.

People who were there to protect those monuments and those who are doing so with racist intent need to be stopped from tearing our country apart. If they get their way, they will inevitably try to do what the South failed to do in the 1860s and at this point I wouldn't put it past them to try to reinstate slavery.

The rally in Charlottesville is a symptom of the terrible state of race relations in our country and its not going to get any better with with violence.