Monday, May 22, 2017

Mashup - May 22, 2017

Got links?

Entire college cheer-leading squad suspended over mystery letter accusing them of PROSTITUTION hit back at school and claim 'false' claims have led to their harassment - Interesting how false accusations are suddenly serious business when they happen to women.....

Chechnya Reportedly Sending Gay Men To Concentration Camp - "Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has authorized a concentration camp for men suspected of being homosexuals, according to reports by human rights groups. The news comes a week after allegations officials in the region have been detaining and murdering gay men."

YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views - You may want to think twice before planning on making a living making content on YouTube.

Abduction arrest after missing mother Samantha Baldwin found - That is an awfully sympathetic way to report a woman kidnapping children.

Breaking Their Silence: Victims of Female Genital Mutilation Speak Out - This is an interesting read to get familiar with the different types of female genital cutting.

'I WAS SO ANGRY' Dad claims waiter told him it was ‘inappropriate’ to hug son in restaurant because it made other diners ‘uncomfortable’ - But sure, men have a hard time making their place in parenting because we just don't want anything to do with children and its all our fault right?

Drake Expels Male Student Despite Female Admitting She Forced Him Into Sex Act - Female student rapes male student. Male student gets expelled?

How the Roles Society Assigns Men and Women Factor Into Sexual Abuse in Schools - "The narrative is unchanging – men are stupid, uncouth, abusive, patronising, condescending, intimidating, oppressive, predatory monsters who are just occupying time before their next display of brutality. We don’t see men as individuals, we see them as one collective blight on the face of human decency."

Experience by Arbitrarily Censoring Valuable Comments - In other words its not what is being said but who is saying it that determines what comments get deleted (I'm not totally sold on the use of censorship for this context).

Middlebury Professor Apologizes To Rioters For Inviting Charles Murray - Start a riot and then get an apology as if you are the victim? Yeah I got no idea why college students are developing such a sense of entitlement these days.

Can Having Genital Preferences for Dating Mean You’re Anti-Trans? - I have to thank this article for getting me kicked out of a group on Facebook. When someone accuses you of not reading an article and upon telling them you did they respond by kicking you from the group, you're better off without that group.

Students Demand Power Over Hiring After Job Offer to "Racist" White Professor - Not no but hell now. This is a one way ticket to an environment where students get to pick and choose which ideologies they encounter in college and pretty much insulate themselves from ever coming across opposing ideas. That's a bad thing no matter how you slice it.

LAWSUIT: Cornell refused to investigate female student’s alleged rape of fraternity member - Gee a college refusing the investigate an alleged female against male rape? Maybe we'll finally hear from proponents of rape culture actually bring it up in a gender neutral manner in a context other than defending against criticisms that rape culture is pretty much limited to male against female rape.

Hyd woman kills newborn boy as she wanted daughter - Damn. Fucking horrible.

“Nasty women” and “toxic men” - I'd be more willing to believe this if it wasn't for the fact that collectively blaming men for pretty much everything bad has become a part of so many progressive and feminist frameworks.

My Mexican Husband Was Accused Of Trafficking Our Daughter On A United Flight - Again. Stuff like this keeps happening but we're supposed to believe that there are no institutional forces that negatively impact men. I'm sure so call progressives would trip over themselves to explain how this doesn't equate to sexism against a man much less men.

Report: Woman Who Murdered Her 7 Children, Niece & A Duck Will Not Be Prosecuted - Yes its Milo Y. but frankly who else is talking about this case? A man didn't do it so its not showing up much in mainstream media.

Why Feminism Could Use Some Serious Rebranding - Amen to that.

Toronto For All Ad Campaign Forces Viewers To Confront Myths About Homelessness - "Men, need support. Just don't do it anywhere near me."

Professor says she felt raped by white male student’s paper touting men’s rights - So men being treated equally is the same as raping a woman? Damn.

Bye bye, Bernie: He’s not fit to captain the Democratic ship if he can’t stop chasing the great white male - You know one of these days the Left is going to quit searching for excuses to cover up their own involvement in Clinton losing. Hopefully they do it before the 2018 elections.

Ever wonder how history would be different if Korea were unified? Cody at AltHistoryHub has 2 possible answers (What if the South took over the North and vice versa).

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