Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Mashup - March 5, 2017

Hi folks. I'm still alive and kicking. Haven't posted in a while but I want you to know that I am still clawing my way back up.

'I know they are going to die.' This foster father takes in only terminally ill children - Leading off with this because its amazing how rarely men doing good work actually gets the spotlight. If this guy had killed a foster child he would have been front page news all over the country.

Male Students Losing Everything On Mere Accusation - My money says is it will take a woman being punished for a crime after it's been determined there wasn't enough evidence to charge her with said crime before this is acknowledged.

Stop Pretending Melania Trump Is A Victim - Yeah if we could stop pretending Melania is a victim of abuse for a chance to trash and insult Donald that would be great. If the people saying this shit had actual evidence they would actually use it. Rest assured they aren't in this to help Melania they just want to take shots at Donald.

Amherst Student Expelled for Sexual Misconduct Can’t Defend Himself—It Would ‘Impose Psychological Trauma’ on Accuser - This is scary. The guy was blocked from defending himself because it would traumatize the accuser, and then he was punished.

A horribly bullied teen committed suicide. Now his former Dairy Queen boss has been charged with involuntary manslaughter - To hell with this bully.

ECU alum serves as advocate for sextrafficking victims - "Restore One is a ministry centered on providing recovery resources for male survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) who are between the ages of 12 and 18. The main goal of the organization is to give the boys a shelter where they can grow together in a community."

Teacher, 70, Forced to Retire After Displaying Confederate Flag During Civil War Lesson - I don't think it makes sense to try to fire a teach for hanging the Confederate flag in the specific context of teaching history. Yes the flag is a symbol of racism but kids need to learn what it is.

Toxic masculinity: Will the 'war on men' only backfire? - Of course it will. Its going to backfire because instead of uniting around building everyone up people are uniting around tearing down men.

Unemployment Makes Men in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova Vulnerable to Human Trafficking - “The number of men who are falling prey to traffickers in the region may be significantly higher than reported, as many do not ask for assistance,” said Manfred Profazi, Chief of the IOM Mission in Ukraine. “The aim of the research was to better understand the situation with trafficking in men in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, in order to enhance their response to the issue.”

Justice System Discrimination and the Myth That Sexism Against Men Isn’t “Institutional” - So if sexism against men doesn't exist because its not institutional but there is proof of institutional mistreatment of men then what does that mean?

Have a good week people!