Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mashup - March 26, 2017

Got Links?

Battle Of The Boobs - Damn shame that some portions of feminism seem to be so preoccupied with infighting and dominance. The movement has done a lot of good.

5 Ways The MRA Indoctrinates New Members With Cult Tactics - More like, "5 Ways To Show You Don't Know What The MRM Is About".

Alan DeSousa barred from running for federal Liberals, no reason given - When you absolutely positively want to prove that you are pro equality and need to make sure only a woman wins. Accept no substitutes.

Female rapes disabled student then gets him expelled, university fires his dad - I have always found it odd that the "believe the victim" and "OMG Rape Culture!!!" crowds are awfully silent when cases like this come around.

Student Sues Pennsylvania School Over Transgender Policy - After Obama-era regulations were rolled back, it is up to the states to interpret anti-discrimination laws when deciding how students can use school facilities.

Unwanted child is no grounds to sue mum for lying about taking the pill: court - So its okay for a woman to lie about being on the pill but its a crime for a man to take his condom off during sex? Good to know.

Karen Straughan tackles a one-sided CBC interview about men’s rights - Okay so the best person to interview about a documentary about the men's rights movie isn't the person who made the movie, members of the men's rights movement, or at least someone who has seen the film. No the best person for that is someone who is opposed to the MRM and has most likely never seen the film. I tell you what I'm glad "The Red Pill" documentary came along because it has show plain as day that feminists have a pretty irrational hatred and fear of the MRM. They are willing to straight up lie about the movie in order to stop people from seeing it. They are scared.

Battered Men: The Hidden Hurt - Tell me again about men don't face any institutional oppressions. Tell me about how domestic violence protections support men equally to women. Tell me how men would get help only if they asked.

‘Raped Black Male’ talks survival in new memoir - The 32-year-old inner city science fiction writer’s work took an unexpected turn when he decided his sixth book, Raped Black Male would be a memoir about his darkest experiences of being sexually abused as a child.

Never played a Final Fantasy game before? Here's some advice 
on picking a title to start with by SuperButterBuns