Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekly Mashup - Resurrection Style

How goes it folks? This isn't a fully fleshed out post on a single topic but its a return of the Weekly Mashup posts that I used to do in the past. A lot has been happening and I wanted to at least get some thoughts out on recent happenings.

Proud Single Mom January Jones: Father Figure Would Be Toxic For My Son - This is what happens when you turn your child into a political statement. Don't turn your child into a political statement. Frankly it sounds like Jones has had some bad experiences with guys and concluded that all men are bad but doesn't want to come out and say that all men are bad when it comes to parenting and influencing children.

No Boys Allowed: The New Rule of Co-Working Spaces - After seeing clubs like this I have pretty much decided that there is nothing wrong with the mere existence of male only spaces and clubs.

Politico’s misleading article on Betsy DeVos and campus sexual assault - Donating to a organization that supports due process is not the same as donating to an organization that wants to raise the burden of proof on sexual assault victims. Trying to pass off the former as the latter that is an appeal to emotion in order to smear people or ideas you don't like. Kinda like when the recording industry first started fighting against piracy one of their tactics was to lump downloading music in with child porn.

Liberals are drunk on a political poison called intersectionality - The concept of intersectionality is an analytical tool meant to account for the various oppressions and non oppressions that an individual may have due to having several identities. Unfortunately liberals have turned it into a bludgeon and silencing tool to attack people who don't fully agree with them on every topic.

Towards a feminist politics of "male survivorship" - Do you think that this could be a sign that not only feminists are starting to see how not only male victims but males in general are treated by feminism but also a sign that feminism itself will one day actually be as inclusive of men as it frequently brands itself as being but is not in practice? There is hope that one day all will be well.

Liana K on self esteem, outrage, and compassion.

Take the time to mill these links around in your mind and don't be scared to share a few of your own if you have them.

See you next week!