Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Domestic Violence Pop Quiz

1. When the video of Ray Rice knocking Janay out was made public what was your initial reaction?

Most people expressed outrage and precious few tried to say he was justified.

2. Ray J's girlfriend, Princess Love, has been arrested for allegedly beating him so badly she cracked three ribs and tore his ACL. What's your initial reaction?

Are you upset that a man was beaten up by his lover?

Are you upset that a woman committed an act of violence against her lover?

Are you wanting to know what Ray J was doing (in hopes of figuring out "what did he to do make her attack him")?

Are you ready to call for whatever company or industry she works in to kick her out on butt?

I think it goes without saying that if she did attack him she needs to be held responsible for her actions and needs to learn not to be so violent and most importantly Ray J needs whatever help he can get to make sure this doesn't happen again.

But more importantly, what was your first thought after reading about this?

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(Also tip of my Fro to Mark Greene)