Thursday, February 26, 2015

Burying it deeper and deeper...

So Axe deodorant appears to be at it again.

If you've ever seen an ad for Axe then you've most likely seen a desperate appeal to traditional masculinity. You know the "you're only it for sex with women" motivation that seems to be the only reason a man would clean his body type of masculinity. Convince boys and men that if they hope to have any sort of sexual contact with women they must buy Axe products.

Well there was that one time during the 2014 Super Bowl but that is a distant memory it seems.

This time they have released an ad with a picture of a woman trying on bikinis with a guy sitting in a chair with brown hair and two blonde braids with the caption:
"If you help her choose the clothes someone else will tear, she's seeing you with braids"
At the bottom there's the line, "Stop being a friend and start being a man." and there is even a (thankfully its not an actual site) URL.

Its 2015 and we still have companies selling products to men on the premise of it getting them sexual attention with women?

Its 2015 and we still believe that a male has to be either a man or a friend to women?

Its 2015 and we still tell a guy that if he isn't trying to get with a woman, he is a woman?
This is all wrong. This is the kind of stuff that supports that nasty mentality that if a guy acts a certain way and uses certain products he will be romantically successful and to do otherwise means to be a failure at manhood.

That kind of thinking leads to pain. Pain for everyone involved but mainly for the guys that will be led astray by it.

Methods of advertising that depends on old and dangerous gender roles need to die.