Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ridding of the Rice

Earlier this week Ray Rice's contract with the Baltimore Ravens was terminated and the commissioner of the NFL, Rodger Goodell, suspended him indefinitely. Today EA has taken action of their own and will be removing the running back from the video game Madden 15 during this coming week's updates to the game.

At first I was wondering why go so far to get rid of him. But then I realized that there could be legal repercussions. To keep him in the game would mean that the NFL would be profiting off of the image of a man who most likely would not be getting a share of said profits.

Maybe EA decided to remove him to prevent future lawsuits?

Maybe EA did in accordance with a seeming move to scrub Rice away from the NFL's memory forever (apparently store have taken to getting rid of all gear associated with him).

Who knows what EA's exact motives were but its clear that with what Ray Rice has done people are scrambling to disassociate themselves from him.

Edit: Just wanted to explicitly say that I'm glad to see that he was held responsible for his part in this and that he was punished. Before someone comes in and tells me I support violence against women.