Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Whoopi Goldberg: Women don't deserve a free pass to hit men

I know I've been quiet for a while but I had to chime in on this a bit.

Frankly I agree with her.

When this all went down a few weeks ago the usual tanks were circled and this was turned into another case of "man abuses woman" when it looks like it was a case of "woman abuses man, man went too far in response".

And yes folks those are two different things.

If you think they are different then let me ask this.

Why is hardly anyone besides Whoopi even talking about the fact that she said she hit him first?

Sure you can try to pull that "it doesn't matter who hit who" but if you do then be ready to explain who if it doesn't matter who hit who why the overwhelming response has been on Rice and how small of a league punishment he got?

Where are the calls for that COUPLE to go to counseling and work on why the tension got to the point where physical violence even came up.

Where are the well wishings that Ray Rice learn that violence is not the answer (instead of "Ray Rice shouldn't hit women")?

Yes Rice was wrong and I think he should have been benched for the whole season for his part in it. But don't go acting like this is all on him.