Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where my D.O.G.S. at?

It's entirely too easy to get the idea that dads are not active in parenting. When you look at the media you'll see that about the only time dads are even mentioned is when they are neglecting their responsibilities or when someone wants to score points with moms by reminding them how terrible men are at parenting. Well I want to run counter to that mentality and show that there men out there doing what needs to be done for their kids. Take a look at what a group of fathers are doing at an elementary school in Texas.

Short for "Dads Of Great Students", D.O.G.S. is the name of organization of dads who are taking a very direct approach in showing their children that they are there for them.

From greeting students as they enter school in the morning, to sitting and eating lunch with them, to helping them with school work I think these dads are onto something here. You can't get more hands on and active and "stepping up" than being with your children throughout the school day.

I really hope this program takes off and I wouldn't be mad if other groups like this started springing up in other places.