Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day Two - Raw, Not Fried

So I'm at work today and I'm told there is a big mall nearby with a large food court. I check it out and there is a seafood shop. I've yet to come across seafood I didn't like so I go for an order of Fish and Chips.

That did not go well. Like, "In one end and quickly out the other." not go well.

But this evening I found something that more than makes up for it.

A sushi restaurant run by conveyor belt!

Yes. Its so simple and effective.

Different dishes are constantly moving on the belt and you just take the plate(s) you want. The plates are color coded and the color denotes price. There color scale is posted in the middle of restaurant so you have a quick reminder of how much a plate costs before picking it up.

It was glorious. So glorious that I had to consciously stop myself at $35 across 5 plates (each plate only has a few pieces on it).

Oh we'll be going there again.