Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day One - Not The Best of Starts

So yesterday I made my way from NC to Lynnwood, Washington and it wasn't pretty.

I apologize in advance if this sounds weird and don't be scared to ask questions. Translating time zones is not for me.

The first part of my flight (Raleigh to Dallas) was supposed to leave at 3:55p but due to coming in late and having a mechanical problem (a panel over a passenger's head was loose, they were gonna let it go at first but then someone decided it had to be fixed) it didn't leave until after 6p.

Landed in Dallas at about 8:45p. I should have gotten there at about 7:30p so in order to catch the connecting flight to Seattle at 8p. Thankfully there was a later flight to Seattle at 9:45p. But at least the in flight movie was Thor 2.

I finally make it to Seattle at midnight...just to find out that the car rental spot was closed. The reservation was for Enterprise but they were closed. Enterprise is in cahoots with Alamo so I was able to go to them. However the rental was only reserved and not paid for, meaning that my contact at my new job would have had to be there to finalize it.

Tried to call her which resulted in leaving numerous messages. I ended up waiting at the airport until after 5am to finally get into a car.

Still had to drive 35min. from Seattle to Lynnwood to get to the hotel.

Of course when I get there I was so late that the only room they had was a handicap access room. At this time it was nearly 7am so I basically took the room on condition that they let me know when another room came up.

I passed the hell out until noon....when the front desk calls to tell me that the room reservation hadn't been paid for properly. Someone from work ended up coming out and straightening it out.

For the next hour I shower and change so at about 1p they let me know that another room was ready. After switching rooms and grabbing my gear I make it in to work at about 2pm.

I spent my first day just going over HR stuff and the day was ended early at 3:30p or so.

Afterwards I found a Korean BBQ joint and learned that I may not be much of a fan of Korean food. But there are a lot more places to discover.

Next I wandered into a Whole Foods. Damn. Place is like a WalMart for health nuts. Smallest $55 I've ever spent on groceries (but I have a food budget for expenditures). And they have so many beers I've never tried before.

But anyway I have paperwork to fill out and sleep to catch up.

Take it easy folks.