Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day Four - A Legend's Grave, Pike Market, and Tetris

So today was my first day off and as such I went to Seattle to do some site seeing.

On the way to Pike Market I took a detour to visit Jimi Hendrix's grave. I've never been much of a fan of Hendrix but his stuff is pretty cool and it was nice to see that people had left offerings (ranging from dice to guitar picks, to coins) and that the site was kept in nice shape.

Next I made my way to Pike Market.

Damn. By yourself you can easily kill several hours if you had people with you it could easily take a day.

I took a few pics of the famous fish market. Lots of stuff to buy but I found it a bit disappointing that the tossing of fish that they are famous for was just for show. Seriously people would just ask them to toss some fish around and they would do it. Feels kinda fake to me. And the prices weren't as bad as I thought they were gonna be.

I found a shop that sold miniature cheesecakes. They are simply divine.

Tasted some hot sauce that the vendor was calling "The World's Hottest Hot Sauce". And I believe him.

Vendors selling all kinds of things from fresh fruit, teas and spices, and even flowers.

There were also crafters. Some were selling belt buckles, leatherwork, sandblasted stones, hand made tie dyed clothes, and a lot more I've forgotten by now.

All in all its nice place to visit and if I get the chance to bring my girlfriend I will come back.

And now I just have to figure out how to fit all the shit I bought into my luggage......