Monday, October 21, 2013

Depending on how you tell the story....

(There's a small bit of violence here so tread carefully.)

If you are into football I'm sure by now you heard about what happened after the NY Jets vs New England Patriots (Jets won) game this past Sunday. Take a look at a portion of an altercation that involved a man punching a woman. The hit is shown from two different angles and in slow motion so be sure to watch all the way through.

With that in mind take a look at how the NYDaily News covered this incident.

First off they title their coverage as, "After extremely tight Jets victory over Patriots, male Jets fan punches female Pats fan in face". This completely ignores the fight between two women at the stadium, which is where all this started (according to a quote at Deadspin). Then in about three paragraphs the man is called a goon, a punk, and a coward. Also there is lamentation about why security didn't go after the guy and finally the last 2/3rds of the article is about the game itself.

(Edit: And to add insult to injury The Daily News has run a follow up article where they mention his name in the title, have several photos of him, and then turn around and say they decided not to disclose his name. Yeah....)

What did Deadspin have to say about it?

"What do you expect from a jamoke in a Wayne Chrebet jersey and green camouflage pants?"

Here is the Huffington Post quoting a fan saying they hope the man is held accountable for his actions.

The NY Post ran its own article simply saying, "Jets fan socks woman in the face".

And here's a writer at ending by saying, "Coming off a week of poor sportsmanship by multiple fan bases, this goon hitting a woman continues to display the devolution of our dystopia."

Did you notice something?

The majority of the coverage on this is being billed as, "Man punches woman." when its actually a case of, "Woman attacks man, man punches back."

Why the spin?

In this age when we are supposedly so progressive are we really still uncomfortable for holding a woman responsible for her actions or at least calling her out when she is wrong?

If you look at the stories I linked to only a few of even acknowledge that (as the video shows) he was being dragged away when she charged at him and swung first and THEN he punched her.

So why is no one calling for her head? Why is no one calling for her to take responsibility for her actions? Why aren't news outlets rushing to publish her name and photo?

At best you could argue that this is mutual violence and MAYBE argue that he shouldn't have hit BACK (and that back is important) but I think this it is entirely unfair to say that he is the one in the wrong.

Don't think this has nothing to do with gender. Some of the commentary around this incident has been about how a man shouldn't hit a woman and how a man hitting a woman is a sign of bad times and all that. If that's the case and a man should not hit a woman then why was no one doing anything to protect this guy from that woman to start with?

After he punched her back one of the guys in the crowd suddenly stepped up and swung on him. Where was this courage a few seconds earlier when she was swinging at him?

That's what it all comes down to. Even so called progressives have no problem with the female privilege that woman just exercised in being able to strike first and STILL be treated like the victim.

I guess "....being held accountable for one's actions." isn't a part of the radical notion that women are people.