Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekly Mashup 2

How goes it folks? Its the end of another long week and I'm ready to kick back. Have you got anything to share?

Why We Have To Talk About Male Victims of Domestic Violence - Nick Smithers on the importance of making sure male victims are included in the conversation on domestic violence.

A Dose of Stupid v92 - Toy Soldier takes a moment to talk about an example of where "I'm not a feminist...." causes feminists to rush to defend feminism rather talking about the topic at hand.

FEATURE: Fanart Friday - High-Tech, Low-Living Edition - Who doesn't enjoy cyberpunk fan art?

Man kills himself after being taunted for feminine traits - After being ostracized by coworkers and family for displaying feminine traits, a Indian man commits suicide. This is a real tragedy. A man should be free to dress and act as he wishes plain and simple.

Cast Your Vote: What Kind Of Men’s Movement Do We Need? - In preparation for the upcoming National Conference for Men and Boys a poll has been introduced to allow people to comment (and vote) on just what type of men's movement this world needs. Truthfully I think all of them have something valuable to contribute but at the same time there are detriments as well. That diversity is why I think they are all needed.

Zimmerman, Martin and patriarchal misandry: An intersectional analysis - Ally Fogg on the intersection of race and gender.

Dear UN: Please Add Men & Boys to Your Human Trafficking Definition  - Cameron Conaway with a plea to include men and boys in the definition and fight against human trafficking.

The public humiliation of Huma Abedin - This is what happens when you try to turn everything into some attempt at harming women. What Weiner did was wrong, disgusting, and traitorous without question. But no it was not abuse. Unless Lisa Bloom has some knowledge that Huma Abedin was forced to appear at the press conference and/or forced to stay in the marriage after his actions came to light. If she did I'd like to believe she would take direct action.

It's amazing how much fun someone can have with dubbing audio over an unrelated video.

Alright folks take it easy!