Monday, July 15, 2013

Gender neutral anti-rape ads? Great idea!!!!!

I'm not gonna bother going into the drama behind it (but if you insist on reading up on it ballgame does so here) and will just skip to the nice part.

A graphic artist by the name of MewHannah-Chan is working on a series of gender neutral anti-rape posters. I'm linking to the post because Chan is asking that the stock images on the site not be redistributed without permission.

I like the idea honestly. For far too long the conversation on rape has been tainted with a "its something men do to women" slant that nowhere near properly discusses such a horrible crime. You can't confront a crime by only concentrating on certain variations of it. (Oh but if you want to bring up the, "But most rape IS male against female." then please follow that up with explaining why child abuse awareness doesn't focus on female perps and suicide awareness isn't focused just on men.)

Go check the posters out and get the word out.

I'm heading back under folks. Take it easy.