Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I should have known better....

That moment when you realize that sometimes trying to talk to people over Twitter is just folly. I should have remembered that and cut bait and left. But know I had to convince myself that a desire for mutual understanding and empathy were worth the aggravation. Now look at me. No mutual understanding, no empathy, and a several wasted minutes of my life.

Even after things got calm for a while and I offered apology for taking part in the clusterfuck there was this need and hope that I would at least get some acknowledgement about how I was treated.

But of course that would be too easy.

No instead I'm told I'm playing victim and that I'm not empathizing with others.

Empathy did help me understand why I was met with such hostility. It really did.

However it doesn't explain why I'm not getting any in return. It doesn't explain how its okay for others to shoot at me and not bother asking questions but when I return fire I am the one that's wrong.

Just fucking frustrated.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ya know how it is.
Being male you're perceived as powerful (among other adjectives) therefore not needing/deserving sympathy.
Coz, ya know, equality.