Friday, March 29, 2013

A Weird Bit of Money Management

So my company is being bought out and one of the changes I have to make is roll my current 401k into a 401k that is offered from my "new" employer. Well I was filling out the beneficiary information and I saw this odd little part.
If you are married and designated someone other than your spouse as your primary beneficiary, your spouse must consent in writing for your designation to be valid. Please contact your Plan Administrator to obtain and submit the appropriate documents.
Okay I'm all for the whole til death do us part thing but I do think it a bit funny that in order for you to designate someone other than your spouse as the primary beneficiary on you 401k you have to get your spouse's permission.

Maybe it's their way of keeping infidelity in check or making sure one doesn't lie to the other about how much money they have?