Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Step away from the digital pen!

Okay when it comes to the world of female models we know that it's become fairly common place for photos of models and actresses to be altered with editing programmings. It seems the entire body is fair game.

Removing cellulite.

Altering one's cup size.

Tightening the abs.

Adding a few pounds.

Erasing wrinkles.

Lightening the skin a few shades.

Flattening the stomach.

Hold up. What was that? Adding a few pounds?

Yes apparently the world of modeling and editing photos is coming full circle as now it seems that some women are having their images altered to make them look LARGER and FULLER than they really are.

No people.

Simply no.

For the last who knows how many years the standards of what is attractive have been shifting around more than Mystique and Bon Clay tripping on acid.

One moment thin is in and the next plump is the trump.

As I've said before the problem with the standards of beauty thing isn't a matter who which characteristics are supposed to be the norm. The problem is the very idea that certain characteristics should be held above others as the norm in the first place.

It's bad enough that photos were being edited to take away natural parts of these women. Now they are having extra added to their natural parts?

I get the feeling that this is one of two things:

1. This may be a misguided attempt by the fashion/modelling industries at trying to show that they are not all about having the thinnest most tone models as representations of what a woman is supposed to look like.

2. This may be an attempt at taking advantage at the increasing spot light that larger women have been gaining in the last several years.

In the first case it's a noble goal but wouldn't that be better served by just showing unaltered photos of women that have different body shapes?

In the second case it's just marketing. Cater to what the norm is for as long as it's profitable and then shift when the tides change. Fairweather photography I guess?

Point being women come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and there is no reason (short of trying to make oneself feel better by acting like they some trait they have is some special it factor that makes them more beautiful than others, and that's just mean) to hold one particular shape/size as the norm that others should strive to be.