Friday, February 22, 2013


So I came across this post about how to slap a former flame. Well slap a former flame in his fucking face to be precise.

With the way this post starts I can understand why a woman would want to slap such a guy. I mean damn look at what he's done.
You’ve met a person you sort of like, he’s great at making you feel pretty, and you really like having sex with him. His phallus may not be that big but who cares? You’ll rally through and tell him otherwise, loving every thrust. You’ll be blissful and hopeful for a while about your ‘friendship’ with this man, and then start to realize that he never comes to anything you invite him to and has a knack for only texting you at 3 a.m. after he’s long been blacked out. What do you do when he finally sends you over the edge? What do you do when he picks some bar slut he’s known for three minutes over you, you who took care of him when he was puking all over your house? What do you do when even his friends say that you should end things? What do you do?
Okay this guy is a real piece of work. He only contacts her when he wants sex, he messes around with other women, and pukes all over her place. Ideally a woman in this situation would just stop answering the phone, move on with her life, and look for a guy that appreciates her.

But of course that would be too easy. No this woman is furious and living a prosperous life would be too easy. She has to make a public spectacle. Let's be clear she doesn't want to move on until she gets her revenge.

Well one doesn't strike out for revenge without proper planning right?

Between stacking the pool of witnesses with friends, striking quickly to prevent retaliation, and bulking up on nerve to follow through with the slap by not apologizing or backing out of it it seems like she has it all set.

Well not quite.

Simply put piece is has a lot of anger in it. Maybe she was done wrong by a guy and came up with these steps after thinking on it for. Maybe she was done wrong by a guy and came up with these steps as she plotted her revenge. Maybe one of her girlfriends was done wrong by a guy and this was how she helped her get him back. Who knows.

But one thing I can't help but notice is that in all this anger there are careful reminders that are pretty much in place to prevent retaliation. She recommends having witnesses (friends if possible) and leaving immediately after the hit and speech. This sounds like a plan meant to give a woman a chance to physically assault a guy but then cover her own ass if he strikes back.

Anyway I've looked through the comments and the retroactive "But it's satire!" remarks have already come out in force.

Satire, sarcasm, snark or whatever I think this shows a bit of a problem. For all the talk of "violence is wrong, regardless of the gender" there is still apparently some room for making light of it.