Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Killing that which has no life...

Okay I understand that there are times when people get just a little into video games. They end up lagging in their performance in school. They start going out less. They start to disconnect from the rest of their family.

It can be a serious problem (not necessarily in terms of how often it happens but when it happens) to be sure. But is getting someone to "take out" their kid in the online world really the way to go about it? Is it really that serious? One father in China decided it really was that serious.

A man identified as Mr. Feng, was fed up with the amount of time that his 23 year old unemployed son was spending playing games online. In order to deter him from playing games so much he contacted other online players to kill his son's character in game.

While the father and son have been said to have reconciled some worry that this may not have been the best way to go around resolving the situation. Prof Mark Griffiths, a gambling and addictions expert at Nottingham Trent University comments, "I've never heard of that kind of intervention before, but I don't think these top-down approaches work. Most excessive game playing is usually a symptom of an underlying problem."

Chances are the son's excessive play could be part of a larger more deep seated issue. But I have one question.

What if the son had trained harder and turned around and killed the online assassins?