Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is there a rape scene in Far Cry 3?

(Two things. First I'm talking about the game Far Cry 3 so if haven't played it then what I'm about to talk about here may spoil something for you. Tread accordingly. Secondly I'm talking about something that may be considered rape. Tread accordingly. This video is also NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

(The following video contains footage what may be considered rape. Tread accordingly.)

At about the 40 second mark the player character drinks a formula handed to him by a woman and goes into what seems to be a hallucination. After a long fight (you can skip to about 4:30) the scene shifts to the player laying on his back with the woman that gave him the drink on top of him. Not just on top but on top of him but grinding away with his hands on her breasts. A second or so later she gets off of him.

I'm gonna ask you plain and simple just like the title of this post does.

Did that woman rape the man in that sequence?

Feel free to respond.


Anonymous said...

You cant get raped by a women.

Anonymous said...

If a man tells a woman "NO, I do not want to have sex with you" and ends up in a state where they are passed out or unable to consent or stop the woman from doing sexual acts is rape. Even before I was married, the majority of women I met I would not have consented to having sex with, and there is just my wife. So to say "you [men] can't get raped by a woman" is just wrong. I have been raped by a woman whom I told "NO" and passed out waking up to her having sex with me. That was not okay.