Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cooking with Danny Stage 8

My girlfriend got me a crock pot for my birthday a while back and now that it's winter it's soup time. This is one that I put together by taking some leftover odds and ends (and a can of cream of broccoli soup that I accidentally picked up thinking it was cream of mushroom).

Broccoli Soup

3 broccoli crowns, chopped (I would say make sure no piece is bigger than a half inch or so, you don't want them so big you can't get them into your mouth).

2 carrots, peeled and chopped

1 14oz can of cream of broccoli soup

1 14oz can of cream of celery soup

1 30oz can of cream of mushroom soup

2 chicken bullion cubes

4 cups of water

1 tablespoon of Crushed Red Pepper

In the crockpot add 2 cups of the water and dissolve the chicken bullion cube, setting the rest aside for a moment.

Add in each of the "cream of..." soups. Take that water that was set aside and rinse out the cans into the crockpot.

Mix in your broccoli and carrots and the Crushed Red Pepper.

Let the crock pot rip for about 6 hours.

Now the soup was banging however there was one thing that rubbed me wrong. The carrots were still a bit too hard for my liking. I think what I'll do next time is boil them for about 20 minutes on their own first and then add them to the soup.

Other than that it was on point.