Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An MRA Hellhole that MRAs reject?

If you have been paying attention to all the rukus going on over the Good Men Project's recent run of rape related posts then you know that shit got real (I'd rather give ballgame some clicks than try to explain it all myself). Well in the middle of all that real shit Jill Filipovic, one of the main brains behind Feministe referred to Good Men Project as an "MRA hellhole" (giving more clicks to ballgame).

That's what she's saying. So let's go see what they are saying.

Are you familiar with Paul Elam? He's one of the main brains behind A Voice For Men. Personally he and his band of MRAs that hang out over there are a mixed bag (sometimes I can dig what they say but sometimes I want to clear my internet history when I go over there) but that's not the point. The point is this. If Good Men Project is such an "MRA hellhole" then that would at least imply that MRAs would be all raring to go to go over there and participate or at least would try to defend their hellhole from a feminist right?

Well that's not quite what they are doing.
But of course I like it a lot better when it looks like courage instead of stupidity...
Stating that Tom Matlack's (founder of GMP) stand against feminist attack is an act of stupidity.
I suppose you can put any manner of drivel on a website (which Tom has done) and with a little luck recoup your half mil of seed money.
Calling Good Men Project "drivel".
All this while still managing to have his name become synonymous with a joke (at best) in the men’s movement, the only place there is that is actually having a really substantive discussion about men.
Saying he is a joke among members of the men's movement.
I wrote a few articles for GMP when they made the foolish choice to actually talk about men’s issues for a while. They had some really catchy titles, but they have all since been renamed to “404 Error – Page not Found.”...

...It will be entertaining to watch in the coming days. As GMP wipes out all traces of MRA expression on the site, particularly the voices of women who support men’s rights, Tom will attempt to negotiate a deal with his masters to give him a small corner of his own website in which he is allowed to express his own manly opinion.
Accusing GMP of deleting posts about men's issues and being biased against MRAs in the form of deleting posts written by MRAs.

And finally....
It will go back to gridlock and tension, all because the truth is that Tom Matlack created a feminist entity to correct his own broken sense of manhood. He is just too stubborn to allow them to do it, and too weak to send them packing.
Accusing Matlack of building GMP as a feminist space.

Now for the record I don't ID as MRA and I don't (fully) agree with the claim that GMP is a feminist space. But at the end of the day it comes down to this.

A lot of the main brains at GMP ID as feminist and as far as I know none of them ID as MRA.

There are plenty of feminists that identify themselves as such in the comment sections of the site but not very many that identify as MRA.

A feminist leaps from "I don't what they are saying." to "They must be MRAs."
Like I said I don't agree that GMP is the feminist haven that Elam accuses it to be. But at least there are actual facts about GMP that could be used to support his claim. Jill Filipovic just doesn't know what the bloody hell she is talking about and in a fit of anger is trying to make GMP out to be something bad by bootstrapping it to something that is already seen as bad.

Oh well.

There was quite a dust up from all of this and in all that dust there was a big missed opportunity. Rather than try to take the conversation to a different but civil level where people could exchange their thoughts on the posts and try to get some understanding going things descended into a shouting match. Lines were dug even deeper, people doubled down on old grudges, hearts and minds closed even tighter.

And I really mean that last one. Apparently Filipovic has gone as far to call on other communities and sites to sever ties with GMP (and some of them answered and have done so).

If the uncivil complainers had come with a bit more, "I agree that we really need to have a serious talk about rape but I don't agree that the posts you have laid out were the best way to do it." and less, "You said something I disagree with so you're sucky poopheads!" some good may have come from this.