Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Jerk By Any Other Name...

So I'm participating in this post over at Good Men Project right. Here's the subheadline of the post:
A respected writer asserts that men in power are liked and women are uniformly hated. Let’s just stop and think about that.
Yeah you know it's gonna be a fun thread. Anyway I came across this gem of a comment from username Lynne:
Dick has become gender neutral. I hear it applied to women as often as to men. However when you call a man a bitch, it’s an additional insult – he’s female as well!
 Can you see what is wrong here?

This Lynne person has declared that calling someone a dick (slang for male genitals) is gender neutral but apparently calling someone a bitch is still is of course still rather female specific.

Well of course it is certain true that when calling a guy a bitch there is implication that he is a woman, no denying that. But let's fill in the part that Lynne conveniently forgot.

To clarify, to call someone a dick is to comment on their behavior and personality. Jerk. Asshole. Bad person. Meanie. And so on. I can't be the only one that has a problem with associating such negative behaviors with male genitals am I?

Now back to the the comment. Lynne asserts that dick is gender neutral. Sure calling someone a dick may be gender neutral in that one may insult men and women with it. But the problem isn't in who is being called a dick. It's a little bit deeper.

You're associating someone's negative personality, behavior, etc... to MALE GENITALS. That means you're not attributing that stuff to the person, you're attributing it to something that's not used much beyond sex, reproduction, and urination.

(Sure I guess you could bring up hormones but if that's the case then when it comes saying that someone that doesn't have a dick, or actually the testicles that usually come with the dick, exactly what dick specific trait is responsible for their behavior?)

In short Lynne is trying to pull a switcheroo on us.

Lynne is saying that when calling someone a bitch we must look at the implications that the word carries and how it is linked to women but when calling someone a dick there is no need to look at such implications.


When you call someone a dick you're referencing male genitals and saying that male genitals are the cause of their attitude or whatever.

That doesn't sound very gender neutral to me.