Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 Things I've Learned From Dating

Over the last month or three I've been trying to get the hang of this whole dating thing. It's been hard. I have picked up quite a few things since I started seeing my girlfriend. This list is a part of my process of getting used to these changes.

1. Tolerance: Simply put I hate Mountain Dew. My coworkers main line the stuff but I would rather drink a vial of poison because it would probably taste better. Don't get me wrong though, the Code Red flavor of Mt. Dew is the goodness but the only use I've found for the original is to put cherry liqueur in it (which basically turns it into Code Red with alcohol). Guess who loves the stuff and guess who is now keeping a small stash of it at his place for her? AND she likes Corona....

2. Share and share alike: Okay so several years of solitude has made me a bit possessive. Turns out she enjoys wearing my shirts. I think it's a smell thing for her. She has also taken a liking to the fairy and angel shirts I own.

3. Dinner for two: I am no slouch when it comes to cooking. However I find myself in a new situation, cooking for another person on a somewhat regular basis. This introduces the concept of, "I don't like....". But this does mean I now have an official taste tester. Two tongues are better than one. I'm even willing to overlook the fact that she doesn't like mushrooms....

4. Public displays of affection: Before I really didn't care one way or another when it came to seeing others display their affection for each other in public. But now that I'm actually engaging in these displays with someone, I have to say that I rather enjoy them.

5. Chatterboxing: Usually when I meet someone new I don't talk a whole lot. Over time as I get to know them and get more comfortable with them I'll open up and start talking more and more. At this point I find myself sometimes cutting myself off when talking to her. Hopefully she doesn't think I talk too much.

6. Everything has it's place: The first time she came over for dinner and a movie I noticed a problem. My chair and a half (that's what the friend the gave it to me called it, it's about the length of a couch cut in half) was at an angle in relation to my TV so that from the chair we would have to be shifted to the left to watch. This is a rather problematic position when you're trying to cuddle with someone as you watch a horror movie. A little bit of shifting and now the tv sits directly across. Speaking of horror movies...

7. Confronting fear itself: When it comes to horror movies (and by that I mean actual scary movies not random blood and gore fests) my rule is pretty much to watch them in the daytime with the lights on. Thanks to her I'm now actually bad-ass enough to watch them at night. A part of me thinks she got me watching horror movies to get me to hug onto her.... :)

8. Spooning: This is true.

9. Maybe I am sexy after all...: When you've gone as long as I have in this world and never had anyone tell you something as simple as "you're sexy" and truly mean it, it kind of weighs on you.  I've been over this before about how I've nearly always felt about my body and I've put in a lot of damn effort to fight it. I know most people would say not to get caught up in looking for validation from others but that is easier said than done. Even now after a few months whenever she gives me such a compliment I still have to actively fight off the desire to question said compliment.

10. New lingo: Before we "became official" as they say I actually called her my ladyfriend but now she's now my girlfriend.  Beyond that I've even gone and come up with my own way of ending the night with her because just saying "goodnight" is boring. Which is why I've added, "KissKiss NightNight" to my phone's custom dictionary.

I'm sure that this list will grow over time (did I mention that she has a young daughter?). There are sure to be more things to learn from dating (and then of course if dating leads to marriage....) so this I guess this could be "10 Things I've Learned So Far...". Here's to hoping I learn even more things from dating.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've learned a lot. Also seems like you do a whole bunch of compromising on your end; does she do the same things for you? I think I'm trying to ask if you think she's learning anything from dating you? I quietly follow you and you do seem happier.