Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is the sexism systemic and institutional enough for you now?

Do you by chance read Genderratic? Oh it's such an interesting blog that takes time to really get at the nuance of the various gender inequalities that plague our culture and society. In fact Ginkgo just put up a pretty telling post about something that seems to happens quite a bit. In this post he goes over a few incidents that have some common threads.

The post itself is of incidents (all pulled from Mens Rights reddit or separate links that have been posted at said reddit before) in which women saw fit to just interject themselves into a situation involving a man and a child. Well interjecting implies the situation was already going down so its more like they saw fit to create said situations. In fact in one story about a guy out with his sister at an amusement park the offending woman in question just walked up to the little girl and started questioning her, ignoring her older brother.

Stuff like this is not good. We have multiple examples of the following:

1. Woman accusing men of inappropriate behavior based on literally no other evidence that it's a man alone with a child.

2. Men being left stunned into silence and not defending themselves against such presumptions of worst faith.

Women not only thinking they are entitled to pass judgment on men based on nothing more than their gender but also thinking they are entitled to act on those judgements. Men raised to believe that these judgments are okay or at the very least being left with no systems of support to defend against them.

And people, this is happening at the very same time we are hearing call after call for men to "step up" as fathers. Either men have the benefit of the doubt that children just might be safe around them as they answer that call (or benefit of the doubt that children just might be safe around men that make  comments in passing) or we continue on this path of damning any man that happens to be in the presence of a child.

It can't be both.