Friday, November 16, 2012

Back in the office

Fighting evil by moonlight, way past her bedtime.

Okay made it back from Anime USA and I'm back in. Let me say that I had a blast. It would have been a lot better if my the LCD on my camera hadn't gone out on me a few months ago (which is why you haven't been seeing any new pictures from me for the last few months). I borrowed a friend's camera so I managed to get some nice pics of some cool things. If all goes well I'll be buying a new camera this coming Black Friday.

Powerpuff Girls, all grown up.

I got to see cool costumes, hung out with some people I don't get to see very often, hit up the viewing rooms a few times ("The Dark Knight Returns", go watch it, trust me) and banged my head on some good music. But the real treat were the panels.

The Senshi Vengers!

Maybe it's that I've been to enough cons that the usual party/drink mentality is worn out of me, maybe it's just a matter of age (because it's pretty much the younger crowd that does that stuff), maybe it's something else. Whatever it might be when I go to a con now I spend more time hitting panels than anything else. I can view anime and content anytime I wish and the party scene really doesn't do it for me. But panels, that's where the real magic happens.

Vega, so beautiful that guy behind him can't take his eyes off of him.

Anyway I'm back in town.

Let Mortal Kombat begin!!!!!