Thursday, November 1, 2012

And I didn't even get to wear it....

Last night was Halloween. Originally I had planned on dressing as a woman but the girlfriend talked me out of it (I think her motivation was not wanting me to shave my goatee). But she did bring up the idea of making a mask. So I did.

The above image is the final result of my work. Nice isn't it?

Too bad I never wore it.

My idea was to wear that mask with a suit and tie for a simple masquerade look. However in the end I ended up throwing on some black jeans, black tshirt, black thermal shirt, and black shoes and going out with my girlfriend and her daughter on her trick or treating rounds. And I have to say I had fun just looking at other kids costumes and decorations.

Later in the night I did go out to walk around the downtown area a bit but I just kept my black out stuff on as I didn't feel like changing and my mask really didn't go with what I had on.

It's a good thing I didn't because despite being told how active and lively the downtown scene on Halloween is it was dead, and not in a Halloween related good way. I walked around for about 20 and left.

But none of that matters for I did learn something from making this mask.

I actually have some degree of crafting skills.

Crafting Skill +1.

All in all a good night and I learned some stuff on crafting which I plan on utilizing in the future.

So how did you spend your Halloween last night?