Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Newton Style

I'm not on my main pc tonight so no cosplay photo. In it's place please enjoy this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on what may have happened if the concept of patent (and the mess that it's in today) had been around in the days of Issac Newton.

The latest issue of Gaming Insurrection is out. I have write ups on Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning and Syberia this time around.

I also have my first post up at Good Men Project in a long while. It's about a new CAPTCHA being developed by Civil Rights Defenders.

Darden Experiments With Cutting Worker Hours To Avoid Paying Health Insurance:  So now instead of keeping people under 40 hours a week to avoid insurance they will start keeping people under 30 hours a week.

Sony Sues Actor For Trademark Infringement For Looking Too Much Like Himself In Another Commercial: Well coporations do like to argue that they are people too...

Men owe child support despite not being fathers: Notice the loophole. Even if passed this law passed it would only allow men to prevent future charges for child support for child that are not they biological relation. Meaning that whatever the state can stick you with before you can prove it, you are still stuck with having to pay for it.

Media Give Mom a Break in Death of Son: It's simply amazing how simpathetic media sources are when women commit violent crimes, even against children.When will people actually start taking their cries of, "bests interests of the children" seriously?

Roseanne Barr of Peace and Freedom Party is honest about DV and gender

Lawsuit: MI’s Child Abuser Registry a ‘Black List’: I'm sure we can all agree that a registry that carries that much weight should be regulated.

Honestly I ain't mad at him for hitting her back. I'll buy the whole "violence is never the answer" argument but the this "But she's a woman" bullshit is just that, bullshit.

Take it easy people!