Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cooking with Danny: Stage 6

So my ladyfriend's girlfriend's birthday was this past week. I didn't want to just cook a cake, too simple. No I had to do something different.

Strawberry Cheesecake Pie

1 pint of fresh strawberries

1 container of fat free Cool Whip

1 pk sugar free cheesecake flavored Instant Pudding

1 Shortbread crust (Yeah shortbread, not graham cracker but it's on the same isle.)

1 3/4 cup of skim milk

2 tblsp. of sugar

First I cut the tips off of the strawberries, sliced them into small pieces (except for three of them which we are going to save for the top of the pie), and put them in a container. Sprinkle the sugar over them and stir it up. Put aside.

In a mixing bowl whisk together the pudding mix, milk, and half of the Cool Whip.

Stir in the sliced up strawberries and pour the mixture into the crust.

Spread about half of the remaining Cool Whip on top of the strawberry mixture.

Slice the remaining three strawberries in half and place on the top of the pie.

Put the crust top on and place the pie in the fridge to set for about 4 hours.

Now this recipe sounds good and all but it is far from perfect.

Even thought she liked the taste of it it was too runny. It didn't set proper.

I have one idea as to why this happened.

Yous see with the pudding mix there are two sets of directions. To make a pudding the directions call for 2 cups of milk. When trying to make a pie filling the directions call for 1 3/4 cups of milk, which is what I did. There must be some other source of moisture that I did not account for, thus causing the pudding to not set right.

I think it was the water in the strawberries.

You see strawberries, like most fruits, have their own internal water or juice. I think that extra water/juice is what caused the problem.

This is one I will have to revisit.

Below is a picture of the pie I made. Let's yummy right?