Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage - Akamichi Style

It's nice to see a Naruto cosplay that is not the one millionth Sasuke, two millionth Naruto, or the three millionth Kakashi. Well played Choji. Well played.

How are we doing to day folks? Ready to get back to the grind tomorrow? Take a moment to skim over the things I came across this week before hitting the hay to start the work week tomorrow.

Take this an open thread. Share 'em if you got 'em.

DV Victim to Wife: You Have Mentally and Physically Scarred Me

Feminism and the Disposable Male

Judge Orders Man to Desecrate His Parent’s Grave To Appease Ex-Wife: Just sad. So fucking sad.

Should We Be Happy For Cheaters Who Find Love Again?: Personally I don't think we have to be happy for them but at the same time I don't think it's right to try to make something negative of it. What's more important, the cheater finding someone they won't cheat on or holding that cheater's adultery against them for all of eternity for sake of feeling good about ourselves?

Part I: The University of Montana deprives men of their right to a fair hearing in sex cases: Is the University of Montana trying to do an end run around giving men a fair hearing when accused of sexual crimes on campus? Some of the stuff that is becoming required material seems to be pointing that way. As in all students are being required to watch a series of seven videos and pass a quiz in order to continue attending after the first semester.

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women: A source for assistance victims of domestic violence.

A Dose of Stupid v.77

Where All the Good Guys Are: Of course good men don't make the news as much as bad men. And it also doesn't help that coverage of the male angle is used pretty selectively as well. A man spends his life working on a cure for an illness and his gender is never played up. A man goes on a shooting spree and his gender is the first thing to come up.

If You Need A Ladies-Focused Steakery To Feel "Empowered"... I have to agree with Alkon here. This seems right down there with advertisements for "products for men" that are hypermasculinized to get us to buy them under the idea they make us "real men".

Self-Reliance: Clarissa on the idea the self-reliance.

Woman Given Restraining Order Kills Three Children and Self: Such senseless violence.

Contraception is no stroll in the park and men should share the stress: Bring on the male contraception options!

How To Reach An Agreement In Mediation

The Battle For Gay Rights is a Wrestling Match Over Masculine Identity

The Japanese Dilemma, Parental rights, and the hard choices that define issues surrounding child abduction: A youtube video on the state of child custody in Japan. It's a long video and the situation is very bleak.

Adoption Rules in India: Why the limitations on single men being able to adopt children?

"Atheism, you asked for it...." by GirlWritesWhat