Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Chief Style

 When one Spartan just isn't enough.
Am I the only one that hates this "new" Blogger interface that's been forced on us? Anyway sorry about not bringing the goods last week but things have gotten....busy. I'm still trying to sort through some stuff at work, the group I'm working on an anime convention with is about to kick into high gear soon, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have a ladyfriend now. But here goes.

How The Major Labels Screw Artists: Jurisdiction & Venue: Mike Masnick on a look at how big labels use funny wording to get over on artists.

Does Sex Increase Your Self Esteem?: Mark Manson on questioning how sex influences one's self esteem. A good read.

Male Yearning: Tom Matlack gets serious about smash-mouthed football, Humanism, and the epidemic of men yearning for love and meaning.

How I Stopped Whining About Being Alone: As a single mom, Katerina Zacharia often feels alone. But after a year and half complaining about her isolation, she finally began to realize the benefits of being alone.

Sexual Violence: Women Who Cut Off Men’s Penises: I wonder how many more times this has to happen before people switch from laughing about it to actually giving a damn?

Right Stuf has gotten the rights to release Rose of Versailles on DVD/BluRay next!!!!

How To Start A Blog: Some tips from Manson on how to get into blogging. Looks like I have a new favorite blog to read.

Take a bow, Sir Roger Moore: AllyF with some encouragement for men who have stories similar to Roger Moore's.

20% of Anorexics Are Men: I know I've been on the other end of it when it comes to men and weight but I don't want to see anorexic men left out of the discussion.

Sex work and the London 2012 Olympics – How was it for you?: It would seem that sex trafficking is not quite as wide spread as thought.

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Ginger and Honey: Gonna need to try this.

How To End Bullying: Clarissa has an idea on how to end bullying. Yeah and it involves actually holding parents responsible for the actions of their children.

Children in peril as women are jailed in record numbers: I just hope they aren't saying that, "Won't someone think of the children!!!" actually trumps holding women accountable for their crimes.

When Men Stop Seeking Beauty and Women Care Less About Wealth: I thought we pretty much agreed on this already.

It’s not rape if a woman does it: Damn, I guess it really is different when women do it.

Because we could all use some Lindsey Stirling in our lives.

 Take it easy folks!!!