Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Brainy Style

The brain is the strongest muscle in the body.

Feel free to consider this an Open Thread.

Why So Violently?: A post I submitted for a series on men and suicide at Good Men Project. I don't think it's enough to just say, "Well men kill themselves for often than women because they pick more violent methods." While that is true I think we need to go deeper. WHY do men tend to pick more violent means for suicide than women?

An ugly incident in Tampa...: Someone threw nuts at a black camerawoman during the Republican National Convention last week and a said, "This is how we feed animals."

The Importance of Dads: A response to recent bandwagon rushes to declare that dads are not an important part of the family.

Can I Have Fat Pride Without Throwing Thin Women Under The Bus?

On human trafficking: Toy Soldier talking about the trafficking of boys and men (which includes a link to a recent Good Men Project piece on the subject).

"Fat Hate"

A Call to Arms for Decent Men:"If you want to have some private little club for males only – like keeping women out of your favorite shooter games – you’re not a man, you’re an insecure little boy. A grown-up man has no problem being in the company of women. He knows he’s a man." The fuck? Having a men's only club does not inherently mean one hates women. And it damn sure isn't a sign of immaturity. I guess he's putting out a call to arms for decent men in order to show him how silly such talk is.

But seriously go read the entire article because even with silly stuff like that quoted bit he does call for guys to speak up in the gaming world over how women are treated. And that is a good cause.

Sexual Violence Survivorhood and Selective Reading (or It is Time to Get Over the Stupid Internet): James Landrith trying to get through to a feminist on the topic of male survivors. And yes, said feminist pulls out the usual buzz language like "mansplaning" and "male privilege".

Wave of Arrests of Father's Rights Activists

Beau Biden Supports Criminal Women?: Does support for abused women mean that women who commit cries should get a free pass?

Early Men's Rights Activists: 1926-1960: Past MRAs? I'll have to go back and read that one.

Male Bonding is a good thing: Tom Matlack on the value of male bonding.

No, A “Happy Ending” is NOT Rape: It's people like this that keep the old "women can't rape men" myth alive. This guy cites the usual "but he's bigger and stronger than she is!" argument. I wonder if this guy believes in gender equality. Or is he the type that says women are equal to men in all things except the capacity to do evil? According to the guy's story he didn't want it and it happened anyway. Sounds like a possible rape to me.

Because a woman poisoning her husband is funny and a good way to advertise ginger beer.

Alright people be good until next week!!!