Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Game Trivia

Hey did you know this little of trivia about Final Fight for the SNES?
During the American release of Final Fight, Capcom stated Poison to be transgender when questioned about the fact players were allowed to hit the female characters Poison and Roxy, as it was highly frowned upon at that time in America. In the SNES version of Final Fight, Poison and Roxy were further replaced with male characters named Billy and Sid due to the fact that Capcom in the U.S. did not approve of violence towards women.
Interesting. At the time Capcom seems to have been okay with men being hit and even okay with those who "looked like women" being hit. But a "real woman" being hit? GASP!

Reminds me of how Sonya Blade was immune to Johnny Cage's Split Punch in the first Mortal Kombat game. For those that don't know the Split Punch is a move where Johnny drops into a split and punches his opponent in the genitals. Every other character would take the punch and the damage "like a man". On the other hand Sonya would not be hit by this move, thus taking no damage.

Weird I know...