Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wow stuff like that really happens?

Have you ever seen that site Damn You Auto Correct? Its a site where people share images of text conversations where someone's autocorrect goes in a completely wrong direction. Here is an example of one below:

If I were to guess I would imagine that most of those are fake and of the ones that are real there was no way it would ever happen to me.

Until it did.

This is a text conversation I had with a friend a few weeks ago about planning our next get together in the near future. To set the context while talking about our meetup she mentioned that her day was good, that it was her first day off in a while and how she was going to have the next few days off of work. Let's start there.
Her: It was okay. First time off in a long time. Spent some time with my daughter.

Me: Nice.

Her: Yea I'm off all the way to Tuesday. So I guess you're my opening ceremony. Lol.

(For clarity in the distant future this exchange took place on Aug. 2, 2012. During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London England. Get it?)

Me: Oh am I? I'll be cheering for you.

Her: Yes you are. Oh really.

Me: Just to be sure, are you planning for more than dinner and movie?

(She doesn't respond for five minutes.)

Me: Why so quiet?

(Another five minutes.)

Her: Sorry I was rinsing the stuff out of my hair. And no...I...um. Oh god I'm blushing now.

Me: Wow now that was funny...

Her: Yea thanks. Lol.

Me: Just so you know the first thing I'm gonna do is laugh next time we meet right?

Her: Yea I know. Laughter is good.
How can you not find that shit funny?

So yes, apparently some of those conversations are real.

For the record she swore by all that was holy that she didn't mean to type that and it was the autocorrect's fault.