Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Horror Style

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Guy vs Pyramid Head

From the ashes of Ethecofem (don't worry, it will stay up for the sake of history), April is working with a new crew of folks and have launched Paper Revolution. From their initial post:
Paper Revolution is a group blog focusing on radical politics, social justice, economic issues, and the personal narratives and expressions of those affected by our current socio-political reality. We want to help build a space for people to read, write, and share news, ideas, art, and information, and hope you’ll help by contributing your voice.
Conan O’Brien’s Fat Girl Rapist Joke Against Olympian Holley Mangold

“Gay Tests” – Pass or Fail?

White Knights Ride While Dark Knight Rises: Rita Adams is wondering why the buzz is about the THREE heroes that died protecting others when FOUR people died under that circumstance.

Gentlemen, start your keyboards: So it looks like Maine prosecutor Mary Kellett is about to face the music of the Maine Bar Association for her actions. (Look at this Google search for more on her).

Julie's Links To Love: 8/3/12

Lube Up & Smell Better: Because anyone that works "Big Foot's taint" into a product review deserves a shout out.

Now Bloomberg Wants to Legislate Women’s Bodies+

No, but seriously… what ABOUT the menz?!: Yeah some of the comments reek of the usual "The only reason men have a hard time with feminism is because they aren't giving feminism a fair chance. It's all men's fault" but it's worth a read anyway.

For a mens health magazine they don't seem to care about men.: Because calling a suicida guy out on his responsibility to pay child support or telling him how he could have prevented the child's creation trumps addressing the whole suicidal part?

Family Reunited With Muscle Car Stolen During Foreclosure Wants Bank Of America To Pay For Damages: So does that mean if Bank of America hires my cleaning company to clean one of their branches and some of my employees steal some computers, me and my cleaning company are not responsible for them?

Reddit, rape and responsibility shifts

Letter To My Unborn Child

I need Men's Rights because....: Not many lists are perfect but I think there are some thing in this list that hit really close to home for a lot of people and are valid points.

Harassment in Gaming: Too Much Focus On Women?

Borken Chromosomes and Damaged Brains: Males being considered damaged eh? I think we're doing pretty good despite this and in the ongoing gender discourse I think it might be worth invoking one of the traits that men are expected to embody in times of hardship. To make due with what we have.

Obama to sign Lejeune water bill: "The president plans to sign a bill that will give health care to thousands of sick Marine veterans and their families who were exposed to contaminated water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, according to a White House official."

Toy Soldier has a few words about this clip from a recent episode of Newsroom.

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