Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Demon Lord Style


Maybe it's because I've been busy this week but it seems like there was a lot going on in the world in terms of news and events.

Hiding emotions may exacerbate depression among black men who confront racial discrimination: Looks like the combo of being black and being a man may put a strain on one's mental health.

GamingAngels is looking for writers!

Man Refuses to Pay Attention to Woman; She Poisons Him Slowly With Eye Drops.: Leave it to Jezebel to take a story of a woman poisoning a turn HER into the victim.

Abuse of Youtube's copyright infringement claim process for doxxing purposes: Apparently a couple of cowards have been trying to find out GirlWritesWhat's personal info by making false copyright claims on her Youtube videos.

Who is behind the Commercial Drive men's rights campaign?: When I read stuff like this about MRAs I have to admit I smile a bit. Partially informed whining because people are starting to speak up for the sake of men.

10 Tips for Helping Men Talk About Their Problems

Woman Indicted for Murder of Ex-Husband; Media Won’t Call it ‘Domestic Violence’: Am I the only that's noticed this? When a man attacks a woman people have no problem calling it domestic violence but when it's the other way around suddenly that term is nowhere to be found. I wonder if that has something to do with how they are counted.

Complain there are no reasonable MRAs. Delete comments from reasonable MRAs that try to engage.

Link drop courtesy of Julie.

This blog berated for 'thumping our chest' when we advocate for the wrongly accused : Apparently looking out for the falsely accused means disregarding rape victims?

5 Reasons To Beware Of Feminist Men: Okay I have my problems with feminists but this list is merely an exaggeration of things that may or may not be real problems.

What 'makes a man' needs to change - experts : I think a part of that change also involves talking about violence being done to men, not just the violence that men do. I like what they are saying about male against male violence but it seems to leave out violence against men in general.

A video by Mark Manson.

Take it easy people!