Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Comic Book Style

Phoenix and Starfire. What a combination.

Sorry this is so late. This past Saturday I went to the auto shop for an oil change and a check up (had coupon for a free checkup). Got there at 8:30am. Six hours and $400 of brake work later I finally got out of there. I was so disgusted that I ate lunch and went to sleep....and missed an invite to go out to a party with my ladyfriend. But it was okay because it was for later that night so I was still able to go with her.

Woke up Sunday feeling like hell, finally saw Dark Knight Rises (good stuff) and got rained on. HARD. Like collect two of every animal hard. So my weekend got shot to hell and now I owe you a Weekly Mashup. Enjoy.

Britain’s National Health Service Erases Fathers: This is pretty old but apparently the British Health Service is removing all use of the word "father" from it pamphlets. Why. Because it seems one person expressed concern that the word is not inclusive of children who have same sex couples for parents. I'm sure you can see the problems with this right?

Do you find this sexist?

Charities accuse Rihanna of 'sanctioning' violence: Not surprising at all. Rihanna shows the slightest hint of forgiveness and compassion and it's treated like she is giving Brown a pass on his assault. She has commented that Brown "needed help". Now it is true that Brown has not exactly been on his best behavior since he attacked her but I can't help but think that people are trying to tell Rihanna when she is allowed to feel compassion for him rather than her doing it on her own terms.

Also I think this speaks to a problem with partner violence in general. It looks like (at least with male against female violence) the concern seems to be to punish the abuser, not truly stop the abuser from being abusive again. Personally I think that no matter what Brown has a bullseye on him that will never go away. I can totally imagine the next time he gets in a relationship people will be telling that next woman that she should leave him, rather than letting her choose for herself.

Italian Dad in Australia Throws in the Towel: After months of fighting for custody of his daughters (and months of dirty tricks by the mother) an Italian father has given up the fight and is returning to Italy. And before you try to say that he didn't want to be there remember that he spent over $100k on this battle and took several months of unpaid leave from his job. Men don't do that kind of stuff if they don't want to be with their children.

When crutches attack: This one is odd. MRA puts up posters supporting men's right. Someone carrying a set of crutches tears them down. After being confronted said someone runs away while holding the crutches under his arm? Mind you I don't totally agree with this piece (namely the implication that the guy was a feminist, although I feel the sentiment) but I do think this shows that people just aren't down with Men's Rights.

Another Black Man Convicted of Rape without Corroborating Evidence: There is no corroborating evidence. No rape kit. No DNA. Still got the conviction. Oh and the prosecutor said she felt intimidated when he banged his hands on the table when the verdict was read.

Sorting out puzzle of male suicide: "It occurred to me that if 86 percent of adolescent suicides were girls, there would be a national commission to find out why. There'd be front-page stories and Oprah shows and nonprofit foundations throwing money at sociologists and psychologists to study female self-destruction. My feminist sisters and I would be asking, rightly, "What's wrong with a culture that drives girls, much more than boys, to take their own lives?"" Pretty much. More proof that people simply do not care about boys and men as much as some would like us to think.

TIL the dowry was NOT a means by which men "purchased" their wives: I have to admit that as far as I heard it told dowry was a transaction of brides being purchased. Is this not the case?

The Military Suicide Epidemic Is Not Just a Military Issue

Decline in circumcisions costing health care system billions, study finds: Yes because it's all about the money right?

The Ass Grab :): I know this particular video was meant to be a joke but I wonder if this were footage of a guy running around grabbing women's asses would it be taken so lightly?

Feds Back To Seizing Websites Over Claims Of Copyright Infringement: It's almost like the government is actually saying, "Because fuck you."

Akin, King, Limbaugh, Ryan: Enough of the Men!!: I understand Jamie's sentiment on one hand that women's voices should be heard on this but there is something that bothers me here. Firstly the "men" that Jamie points out seem to be all be guys (except for a small nod to Obama) that actually buy into that shit (isn't it magical that men become a monolith when we're represented by the worst of us?). Second if men don't speak up this will just be another reference point for women to point to and claim that men are speaking up for women's rights. Yeah we're supposed to be silent because we are men but we are supposed to be speaking up because we are men. That's not confusing at all.

The Genderbread Person v2.0: Saw this over on Nina Hartley's Twitter feed this week. Looks interesting.

Fifteen Years Ago Today, Techdirt Was Born: Say it with me folks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Techdirt!!!!!

Moral of the story: Don't fuck with a guy who has guns on his car.

Keep it real!!!