Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Musical Mind

Am I the only person that, when working on a post on a particular subject, will listen to a particular type of music or even a specific song as a way to focus on that subject?

It seems like while listening to music my emotional state is enhanced and allows me to dig a bit deeper into the topic I'm writing about. I'll give you an example.

I've been working on a series called Musings of a Vengeful Spirit and when I need to really stop and think on it I listen to "We Watch Our Sad Eyed Angel Fall" - Black Tape For A Blue Girl

This song gets me in a mood where I am able to ponder revenge and the effects it can have on people. It makes me feel like a Sad Eyed Angel that is falling from grace as the result of giving in to hatred and seeking out revenge for some painful experience. I actually visualize myself falling into an infinite black space, with no hope in sight.

So back to the question.

Do you listen to music to get into a certain mood and if so what music triggers what mood in you?