Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Story Idea: Zombies Created By...Aliens?

I was sitting in a book store a few weekends ago. While re-reading "Blood That Bonds" I overheard some people talking about zombies, viruses, and parasites. And something hit me. And idea for a story. Imagine something with me for a bit.

Think about a story in which the world is being overrun with zombies. They are tearing across the planet answering to the only need they recognize.

The need to feed.

Well what if unlike usual stories where said zombies are created by some virus they are instead the by product of an alien abduction?

Hear me out. Let's say that some alien race comes to Earth recognizing that the mental energy in the human brain makes for an excellent power source (or some other need they have for it). So in order to harvest it they take humans captive, drain this energy, and drop them back on earth.

As a result of this brain drain the abductees lose capacity for rational thought and are reduced to mindless "zombies", left to roam the planet in search of others to eat.

I think one thing would have to be done away with in order for this to happen.

Have you ever noticed that in most zombie fiction zombies don't eat or each other? I've been of the mind that this is the result of zombies knowing the difference between living cells and dead cells. In short they recognize the flesh of other zombies is dead therefore they won't eat it. Or maybe from the other end it's a lack of something that zombies recognize in the cells of humans that have not been turned.

Well unlike those other fictions the cells of the body are not dead. The flesh is still alive. I think under this circumstance zombies created via alien brain drain would actually attack and eat each other.

Yeah I know that's pretty far out there but that's how I roll.