Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do Youtube Hits Take Precedence Over Helping People Now?

This is a pretty old video but having seen it recently (at Fathers and Families on a post about the four months and anger management she was sentenced to) it makes me think of a few questions.

1. What's with people that will record a fight, give commentary on a fight, just let it go, etc... pretty much everything but try to do something about it? About the closest thing to intervention was them talking about how they almost want to help him.

2. Why is it considered "funny" when a woman beats on a guy?

3. Notice how one of the women watching commented that he better not hit her back even after being beat and spit on. Why is it wrong for a guy to protect himself from a woman that's attacking him? And let's not kid ourselves he had fought back there would have been a very good chance that that video would have the only thing to save him jail.

Do you have any answers to these questions or perhaps questions of your own?