Thursday, August 30, 2012

And To Think, It Was Once All Fun And Games...

By doug88888.
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
-Mahatma Ghandi

I'm sure you have heard this quote before right? It's a warning that basically says that revenge is not the answer. To engage in revenge is to engage in an ugly and destructive cycle that ends up hurting everyone in the end).

I've gone over how destructive revenge can be in my Musings of a Vengeful Spirit series but while rereading a post over at Good Men Project I was thinking about how revenge isn't always cut and dry in how damaging it can be.

In the last entry "Mass Destruction" I talked about how when a person is bent on revenge they will likely end up hurting people who weren't even involved in the occurrence that they are taking revenge for. But I thought of a small side question while thinking on this.

What is running through the revenger's mind when they are doing such damage to innocent people?

I think there are two possible answers to this.

The first possibility is that the revenger, having given in to an all consuming desire to hurt the ones the hurt them, simply doesn't know or care about the damage they are doing to innocent people when they are acting out their feelings. What does it matter that you are mowing down people that had nothing to do with your pain when you are working on resolving your pain?

The second possibility is that the revenger, having decided that no one should have peace of mind until they have theirs, knows full well that they are hurting those other people and actively do not care. If you can't be happy, why should anyone be happy?

In the first case it's a matter of having your sights set on a specific eye and you don't care what other eyes you tear through in order to get it. In the second it's a matter of willfully deciding that you will tear through any and all eyes until you get the one you're after (and chances are will not stop at that one eye).

Nothing ground breaking here just pondering over exactly how the world goes blind if the cycle of revenge were to go unbroken.