Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Wizardry Style

S Class wizards represent.

Easy Parking For Women Only?

Existential Despair, New Directions, and the Phoenix

Not a Joke: Why Do Our Boys Keep Up the Mass Shootings?

Why the man who confessed to his penis enlargement on This Morning brought a tear to my eyes (for all the right reasons): Even in this age of body acceptance there are still some forms of body shaming that are still seen as okay.

A dangerous domestic violence myth is born

NBC's 'The New Normal': One Million Moms Boycotts Ryan Murphy's New Sitcom: Have we gotten to the point where we can say, "If One Million Moms is against it, it probably worth checking out."?

Speaking Truth To Power

Double standard on display

By Reader Request: Closure

David Copperfield Speaks Out About Sexual Assault Allegations: A reminder how the stigma of a false accusation can linger for a long time after.

This German circumcision ban is an affront to Jewish and Muslim identity:Much like AllyF there I honestly can't understand how a person can simultaneously denounced any and all forms of female genital cutting and defend male genital cutting.

Attempting to create an "In Defense of Men's Rights" Tumblr Post

Fuck their shit up

On the Disposibility of Men

MISANDRY – Male Resistance to the MRM

A List of Human Rights for Males

In judo, Olympian recovers from sex abuse

I'll be coming back to this later.

Next week folks!